About Us

Until Tomorrow Productions (UTP) ensures that everyone — especially teens, young adults and adults — of all abilities has an equal opportunity to explore and discover his or her creativity.  UTP staff create, produce and present innovative, inclusive, accessible theatre and art programs.  Working with educational institutions, community groups and individuals, UTP helps to foster communication, self-expression, and positive individual and community change.

Until Tomorrow Productions has created group workshops from Boston to Washington, DC. in collaboration with VSA Massachusetts, MassArt (Center for Art and Community Partnerships [CACP] and the Studio for Interrelated Media [SIM] program), Wheelock Family Theatre, and many others.  UTP is committed to encouraging meaningful conversations with artists with and without disabilities, emerging artists, and people who do not yet identify themselves as artists.  Until Tomorrow Productions designs programs and curriculum using the concepts of Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

Founding director of UTP, Donna Folan, created Access to Theatre (ATT), a nationally recognized inclusive improvisation theatre group in Boston for youth and young adults with and without disabilities two decades ago in collaboration with Partners for Youth with Disabilities, Inc., VSA Massachusetts (the State Organization on Art and Disability), and the Boston Center for the Arts.  Under Folan, ATT trained hundreds of youth with and without disabilities to work together, develop their artistic side, and express themselves through acting, improv, song and dance.

After producing over 25 original productions and numerous improvisations, Folan sees a need to bring this work to a new artistic level and to give older youth and adults expanded opportunities to express themselves.

Folan has received recognition as a VSA Massachusetts COOL Schools Artist and a VSA National artist teaching fellow.  Under Folan's direction and with a nomination by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, Access to Theatre won the 2004 Coming Up Taller Award from the President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities and the National Endowment for the Arts.  Through these programs and future endeavors, Folan and UTP are expanding accessible theatre opportunities for all.


"Working with Until Tomorrow Productions is always rewarding in remarkable ways.  Giving rise to a person's creative voice leads to great things for everyone involved and results in energetic and imaginative productions that engage their audiences profoundly.  They open windows onto the great beauty and diversity of the human spirit."
"Until Tomorrow Productions, creates opportunities and experiences for teens and young adults and adults with and without disabilities to reach for their highest creative potential.  In a world that too often settles for 'just getting by', it is heartening to know that Until Tomorrow Productions is constantly challenging, communicating and creating . . ."
"UTP has made me see that everyone has creative value and can be taught to express it, and theatre can be a safe place to discover new things about yourself and others.  I’ve witnessed UTP participants developing new social, communication and self-esteem skills while breaking new boundaries."

Creative Explosion, UTP and Folan's series of workshops for ages 15 and up asks, "How do you want to explore?".  Through Improvisation, movement and music, small diverse groups are exploring personal communication options, character development and the creativity surrounding spontaneity.  Movement is encouraged as a personal, physical expression of thought and emotions.  Music is employed as an outlet and tool to express and enhance one's creativity.  Visual Arts are physically representing internal creativity.  In turn, photography and videography are influencing improv, movement and music.

All Voices Count, UTP's most recent endeavor for ages 18 and up, is bringing together young actors and storytellers with disabilities and those without to create multidisciplinary improvisation performances.  The cast addresses relevant contemporary communication and social and political issues.  Performances will always include conversations with the audience.  In some cases audience response will influence the outcome of certain stories, highlighting diversity and collaboration in the creative process.

UTP will customize a creative workshop to help you design an inclusive program or strengthen an existing one, using the precepts of Universal Design for Learning (UDL).  Artists, educators and administrators will learn how to create inclusive arts education programs using the elements of your choice including, acting, directing, dance/movement, music, singing, visual arts, costume and prop design, stage management, etc.