Donna Folan's "Thigh High Boots, a Scooter, and a Stage"

Theater artist, Donna Folan, premiered her one woman show, "Thigh High Boots, a Scooter, and a Stage", at the Wheelock Family Theatre on Friday December 1, 2018.  Written and directed by Susan Kosoff, and featuring Jody Steiner interpreting the performance in American Sign Language, "Thigh High Boots, a Scooter, and a Stage" is a bias-breaking, assumption-kicking, story of a woman driven by the practice of theater.

"If you don’t like the way I move, . . . my personality will kill you," Donna has said more than once.  The production is recommended for adults and teens.

As a theater artist with a disability, Donna Folan enables individuals, regardless of ability, to create and to play.  She is co-creater of Access to Theatre with Partners for Youth with Disabilities, recognized in 2004 by the President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities.  In 2016 she was the recipient of The Boston Foundation’s LAB grant to produce a one woman show.  Currently Folan manages her company, Until Tomorrow Productions and the improv troupe, All Voices Count.

Donna's life on wheels has included leading multiple workshops on disability bias and attitudinal barriers for many organizations including the Mass Cultural Council, VSA National, and the Smithsonian.  She has been affiliated with and a Teaching Artist for Open Door Arts since 1987.  She joined the education staff at Wheelock Family Theatre in 2007.  In 2010 Folan received recognition as an Open Door Arts COOL Schools Artist and a VSA National Teaching Artist Fellow.

"Donna is feisty, fun and daring. Working with her in ON DISPLAY was a joy and I witnessed her beautiful intelligence and delightful personality."
"In the world of art expression and inclusion - Donna Folan is an unmistakable and powerful force . . ."
"A heartfelt, hilarious and daring romp by one of Boston's theatrical treasures! Look out world: she's pissed, she's on wheels, and she's not slowing down for anybody . . ."
"Donna is that charismatic, slightly deranged storyteller you should probably report to the pc police, if you could only stop laughing."